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World Wide Wrestling: International Incident explores the global wrestling styles of Mexican Lucha Libre, Japanese Puroresu, British Grappling and international Indie Wrestling. It adds 6 new Gimmicks, 2 new Roles and 7 new Match Stipulations inspired by these styles, in addition to new essays, optional rules and Creative advice, and the Season Two roster.

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The World Wide Wrestling RPG was originally published in 2015, and it’s been amazing to hear all of the exciting stories from players as they’ve clashed in the ring, played out incredible feuds and explored the reaches of Parts Unknown.

The time has come to put all of these lessons learned to good use! World Wide Wrestling: Second Edition combines all of the material from the original World Wide Wrestling RPG and the International Incident supplement into one streamlined, updated game that supports both quickly getting to the action and long-term dynamic exploration of the promotion around the wrestlers.

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The PDFs of World Wide Wrestling and International Incident will remain available at a discounted price until the Second Edition is released (currently estimated to be early 2021). Get into the action while it’s in progress!

About International Incident

This is a supplement for the World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game, and requires that game to play. You can check out a free Beta playtest version of International Incident that covers many of the additions to the game (though they have been revised and cleaned up for the full release).

The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game enables you to create your own professional wrestling franchise through play, showcasing satisfying and surprising storylines. It’s about feuds, championships, betrayal, and righteous victory. It’s about the clash of good and evil on the grandest stage. It’s about whether you’ve got what it takes. And, in the end, it’s about what the audience thinks of your efforts. 

Game Features:

  • 6 New Gimmicks covering international wrestling styles (The Ace, The Cultural Champion, The Indie Darling, The Luchador, The Shoot Fighter and the Young One)
  • 2 New Roles, Rudo and Tecnico, to fully encapsulate the tradition of Lucha Libre
  • 7 New Match Stipulations, from Japanese Death Matches to the Lord Mountevan's Rules ( World of Sport style) to indie-style spotfests.
  • 3 New Guest Essays giving overview of and insight into Puroreso, Lucha Libre and World of Sport from experts in those traditions
  • New optional rules that expand the scope of play to address treating the Promotion as a character, Mythic Moments, Stroke and other elements for long-term play
  • The Season Two Roster, including 24 new wrestlers and 5 new Promotions to serve as setting and inspiration
  • Digital package contains screen-optimized PDF, EPUB and home-printable Gimmick sheets and play aids

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Get this tabletop game and 1 more for $8.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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